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Your hair can do the talking.

Curls for the Girls

Curls, curls, curls!

Steal the breath of your friends with our new Winter look! Great for any occasion you need to be splittingly glamorous for: proms, weddings, or even at your local supermarket while you're grabbing groceries.​Curls guaranteed.


Powerful, Fast, Smart.

Revolutionize your daily hair drying routines with Novtia's brand new H1, The AirSonic. 

We've recently upgraded all our in-store hairdryers to these sexy pieces of equipment. We guarantee that it is both easy to use, and satisfactory in performance. We've also picked up extra units for you to take home at $399, if you'd like.

Powered by the Turbofan Brushless DC Motor, it generates AirSonic speeds of up to 18L/s, drying your hair 30% faster. It is equipped with the PID Intelligent Thermal Control, which preserves your natural shine and prevents extreme heat damage. Using ionic technology, hair is infused with nano water ions. This helps to retain moisture content while simultaneously taming frizz.

Take your haircare to a whole new level starting today, everyday.

Leave the Shoe Behind, Cinderella

Find your non-gender-conforming Charming this new year with our brand new Cinderella treatment! Guaranteed to tame even the most unruly manes, while leaving the desired curls intact. 

(If your hair is curly, that is.)

For a hair-do that will stay sleek even past midnight. 

Pricing by quotation.

This treatment uses all-natural and organic ingredients.


Since 1986

As seasoned veterans in the industry, we have an extensive list of accomplishments— both regionally and internationally. Our clientele is built on a foundation of consistent, high-quality service and a strong bond of trust.


The Right Cut

Whatever you want, the way you want it.


$50 onwards


$115 onwards


$180 onwards

The listed prices are for estimation purposes, and are subject to a 8% GST charge.

Please drop us a call to get a personalized quotation.

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