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What We Offer

Wig-snatching looks and solutions for stubborn hair

We provide cuts, colors, treatments, and anything else under the sun when it comes to your hair. Our guarantee is a feeling of satisfaction and confidence once you get your hair done at ours. You'll feel like cat-walking to your next appointment, ready for the perfect opportunity to show off your new do.


Classic Haircuts

$50 onwards

Whether it's a fresh cut for an upcoming event or just a change in style for the season, we'll give you a look that's worthy of the gram. Do let us know any preferences you might have for your cut.

Our cuts are priced based on the experience of the stylist you wish to engage.


Events Package

By quotation.

Sometimes you just need someone to take care of your look for a special day. Maybe it's a wedding, a recital, or just an event; but everyone deserves to look at their best when they want to.

We offer Hair and Makeup services, as well as an in-house photographer to capture those moments forever.

Price quotations on request, drop us a call to get a personalized rate.


Treatments & Colors

We believe everyone has the right to a stunning mane. Let us revitalize your hair with the latest treatments, or dye it with the shades of your favorite colors. There's a solution for everyone, let's find yours now.



$115 onwards

Hair can be a stubborn maiden, refuting your efforts to tame its split ends and weird oily yet dry sensations that can really drive you up the wall. Fear not, we have the swiss army knife of hair treatment, armed and ready. 

Here's some of our newest treatments you should consider;

Hair Botox: Smoothens damaged and unruly hair. Frizz-free for at least 3 months.

The Cinderella: Tames unusually curly hair, without removing the curls. All natural organic ingredients. 

Luxury Caviar: Anti-aging treatment. Restores shine and silkiness, adding volume to thinner hair. Active ingredients of caviar, black pearls, diamond dust and vitamin B5. 

May 2.jpg


$180 onwards

Change up your look with a new color, or go for a more nuanced approach with subtle neutral shades. Have your color fade in as in ombré (left), graduate with the popular balayage, or stick to the more traditional high and low lights.

Coloring does depend on your hair, please do come for a consultation to find out what will work best for you. 


Mannys, Peddys and Face

$40 onwards

Why not do up your nails and make-up while waiting for your hair-do to be hair-done? Head straight to your appointments from our salon fresh-faced and ready for action.


Nail gel, extensions, spas, and art.

Standard and creative make-up.

Eyebrow shaping.

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