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A History Lesson
(On Us)

A Long List of Hard Work And An Even Longer List of Our Accomplishments

Nestled on the fifth floor of Paragon, The Hair Shop has seen decades fly by. When our doors first opened in 1986, we took every opportunity that came our way. The first large project we took on as a company was for a British hair cream— Brylcreem. It was a very popular product then, like Rihanna's Fenty line. But for hair.

We launched from there, and before we knew it, we were taking planes to all corners of the world to practice our craft. We even published a book, The Hair Book (yes, The Hair Book), to educate people on the right approach for personal hair care, treatments, and styling. 

We have a wide range of clientele, from celebrities and royalty to white-collar workers and students. Some of our clients, now good friends, have been with us since the beginning, and their children have joined our family too.

This invitation is warmly extended to everyone and anyone; for all hair types, for all people. Please, join the family. 

We take pride in our work, so that you may take pride in your look.


Gina Lau — Creative Director

Through thousands of hours of hard work and dedication, she built her career in the Singaporean fashion industry. She has since become a respected and admired individual. She has travelled the world as singer Sandy Lam's hairstylist for various shows and concerts in Beijing, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the United States.

Her work dominated Singapore's fashion magazine covers, being prominently featured in major magazines such as Her World and Female. She was also heavily involved in the Elite Asia Pacific Models Award in Shanghai in 2006.

Sam Koh — Director

Apart from being the other half of The Hair Shop, Sam has been extensively involved in other major projects. He has worked with international product companies such as Wella, P&G and L'Oreal in their many product launches, shows and seminars over the years. 

He has also created and designed styles for theatrical productions— namely Dick Lee's Nagraland, staged in both Singapore and Japan. He has judged numerous hair competitions, taken part in hair shows, and conducted various seminars in the Asia Pacific.

Sam has also had the privilege of working with visiting top fashion designers, as well as styling supermodel Naomi Campbells' hair for the opening of Valentino's flagship store in Singapore. 

here lies the list of accolades

Byblos of Italy, Gianni Versace, 400 years of French Fashion, Asian Designers Show, Society of Designers Association (SODA) Show, Isaac Mizrahi Fashion Show 1997, The Great Singapore Designers' Show, Singapore Fashion Designer Contest 1998, Salute to Asian Hairstylists in Manila, Philippines, 1998, New Asia Tropics Designers Show, Singapore Labels Show 1999, Fashion Connections 2000, Singapore Fashion Week

Meet The Team

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